• Internal and external agricultural environments sanitation
  • Biorestructuring of soils and cultivation substrates
  • Control and neutralization of emissions from treatments with phytosanitary product (agrochemicals) and sulfur-based products
  • Wastewater treatment for wine cellars

Industrial and Environmental

  • Indoor and outdoor sanitation
  • Control and neutralization of emissions – odors of organic and inorganic derivation
  • Control and neutralization of dusts
  • Customized global service solutions with study, design, installation, testing, calibration, control, service and assistance
  • Natural treatment against algae and organic deposits in fire-fighting tanks

Domestic and Public

  • Odor abatement and air purification in domestic or public foul-smelling environments
  • Sanitation of indoor and outdoor public spaces


  • Animal welfare and performance
  • Internal and external zootechnical environments sanitation

Hobby, Pet & Garden

  • Eco nutrition for your soil and your plants
  • Pet care


  • Bioremediation of polluted natural and artificial ecosystems
  • Environmental remediation
  • Natural treatment against algae and turbid water: prevents eutrophication, check the phytoplankton and acts on organic matter dissolved in water