Marseille Hands


Marseille Hands ExtraFix® Detergent

Marseille Hands ExtraFix® was born from the union of the secrets of ancient recipes and technological innovation. Liquid detergent made artisanally entirely in Italy, allows a deep cleaning thanks to the high washing capacity. Its ingredients are vegan and tested in order to certify their safety for the skin and confirm that they do not contain any nickel and/or other harmful substances.

Marseille Hands ExtraFix® is made following rigorous artisan production criteria and using only selected vegan raw materials: soap from lauric acid, organic aloe juice, soap from organic rapeseed oil and soap from olive oil from organic agriculture.

Vegetable soap is made with artisanal and non-industrial methods, thus allowing to keep the active components of the used precious ingredients unchanged.

We do not use animal fats, but only oils from vegetable origin.

Marseille Hands ExtraFix® is available in the formats most requested by users, companies, public entities, distributors of cosmetic products and natural soaps and specialized sales points:

  • 500 ml bottle with pressure dispenser
  • 5 kg can (refill)

Technical features:

98,0 % Ingredients from natural origin over the total, 37,5 % organic ingredients over the total minus water. I does not contain dyes, SLES, PEG.

Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt content <0.4 ppm.


  • Ingredients from organic agriculture;
  • Dermatologically tested;
  • High washing capacity;
  • Wonderful perfume;
  • Vegan;
  • Allows you to rediscover the pleasure of washing your hands.
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