Industrial and Civil

Safety is important

The management of safety in the workplace with reference to odor emissions, concerns the set of preventive and protective measures that must be adopted to better manage the health, safety and well-being of workers, in order to avoid or minimize exposure of workers to the risks associated with work, reducing or eliminating disorders, health problems and diseases.
The Odoriginal Emissions produced by the various industrial, civil and agricultural activities can migrate to our cities and compromise the quality of life of many citizens. 

Discover our Prophylaxis to prevent and treat Emissions, Exhalations, Odors and Pollutant Powders improving the quality of air in defense from pollution

We design and install customized systems 
for the Neutralization of Emissions, Odors and Powders.

We are able to deal with both diffuse and conveyed emissions.
Based on the specific needs of the job, we offer the best technological solution by offering any dedicated Global Service, such as Study, Design, Installation, Testing, Calibration, Control, Service and Assistance services.
Turnkey systems: We offer a turnkey approach to the protection of emissions, odors and dust, offering solutions designed, supplied and installed complete and ready for operation

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