It prevents eutrophication, controls phytoplankton and acts on organic matter dissolved in water.

It can be used in various types of water, from ponds, which are decorative, domestic (Koi carp, red fish, water lilies, etc.), sport fishing ponds, fish farms, golf courses, fountains, bio-pools, cisterns and storage tanks, drinking troughs, and various other types of aquatic environments.
For optimal operation the product should be placed in an area with continuous water circulation. It works best at the outlet of a filter or a pump and downstream of a game of water, like a waterfall or a fountain. The continuous influx allows it to filter the dissolved organic substances, and to release useful substances, obtained from the natural processes of the microorganisms that inhabit it.

In optimal conditions each product is suitable for treating 15m² of surface. The effect on algae is generally independent of the depth of the water. In the case of particularly deep basins (2 meters or more) it is advisable to increase the dosage, to allow a greater effect on the dissolved organic substances.

The application in the first months of the year turns out to be the most effective as it allows a correct establishment of the biological balance before the most reproductive period of the algae. For the same reason it is very effective even after cleaning the water mirrors.

The duration of the single product is around 3 months, but this depends very much on the temperature and the quality of the water. A shorter duration in terms of time generally corresponds to greater effectiveness and therefore more visible results. The exhausted product can be left in the environment as it is 100% biodegradable. It can also be re-used in the garden as a soil structure or in pots, properly mixed.

The doses indicated are of a general nature and must be adapted to the individual situations, preferably on the basis of an analysis of the water and the needs of the environment. 
  • Prevents algae formation;
  • Filters the dissolved organic material;
  • It improves the living conditions and development of the fish allowing the gradual establishment of the biological cycle of the aquatic environment;
  • Fertile soil for the growth of microorganisms useful to life;
  • Totally natural and biodegradable it is obtained from quality raw materials of biological derivation;
  • Perfectly compatible with aquatic and animal life;
  • Effectiveness is proven by various scientific publications and years of use of its components..

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