Many sectors of activity, a single environmental philosophy

As the beach is the ecotone between earth and sea, PANECO AMBIENTE is the ecotone between man with his productive activities and nature


Despite being a young and dynamic reality PANECO AMBIENTE boasts over 40 years of virtuous history dedicated with passion and commitment to ecology, green economy, micro biodiversity, Research & Development and production of bio-ecological products and systems.

Since the early years of its work, the company considered it essential to dedicate a large part of its human and economic resources to Research & Development, thanks to the university support and various Italian and foreign Research Institutions, of new fields of application of his own technologies. In fact, PANECO AMBIENTE boasts dozens of patents both on its products and on its production processes.

PANECO AMBIENTE deals with the production and sales of microbiotechnological products for:
  • Professional sanitation in public, industrial, agro zootechnical indoor and outdoor spaces;
  • Neutralization of odor emissions in industrial environments;
  • Bioremediation of solid and liquid matrices in contaminated areas;
  • Elimination of algae in water bodies;
  • Abatement of phytosanitary products exhalations in agriculture;
  • Air purification in domestic and public environments;
  • Elimination of ammonia vapors and bioaerosols in livestock farms;
  • Pet Care;
  • Bio-restructuring of land and cultivation substrates.

PANECO AMBIENTE is registered in the Register of Environmental Managers – Category 8 and is associated with Confindustria Cuneo - Industrial Union of the Province.
We work in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 9001: 2015 standards and we are certified by the Accredia accreditation body - the Italian Accreditation Body. All the activities are carried out in compliance with the current regulations on work safety.


  • Registered office: Via Torino, 116
    12100 Cuneo (CN) - ITALY

    Offices: Via XI Settembre, 37
    12011 Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) - ITALY


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